Earendel (pr: ERR-en-dell) is an Old English word meaning “morning star” or “rising light”.  Our goal at Earendel English Cockers is to breed and raise stars for the conformation ring, performance sports and most importantly, for your family.

English Cockers have been a constant presence in our lives for over 30 years and we can’t imagine not having at least two in our home all the time.  We love them for being equal parts intelligent, sporty, rascally and Snugglers Extraordinaire. Every single one of them have had the most amazing personality and temperament and we owe all of that to the people who so carefully bred and raised them.

Our involvement with the breed changed forever when we were given the opportunity to share our lives with Quincy (Sherlock’s Right on Q).  We went from being loving pet parents to being fully immersed in the world of conformation shows and breeding.  We are now a boutique breeder located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, whose sole objective is to produce dogs of excellent health, temperament and conformation in order to further the betterment of the breed.  Our Cockers are our family and our goal is to place all of our puppies in loving, safe homes with people who share our same values, philosophy and passion for the breed.